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Setting up a masternode

We will be using your home computer and a cloud vps server with ubuntu ($3 a month)

Create a new .txt file, we need to copy/paste a few codes/addresses

Start with a new wallet (0 balance) but first back up your old wallet.dat if you have coins in it Wink
Open te QT, and make sure you have your firewall accepting connections from the Icash QT Wink
Let it sync up
After you synced, go to Tools=>Debugconsole=>Console

You will see a large code, copy this code to the .txt file for now. We need this code later on when we are setting up a new Icash.conf file

Go back to your Wallet=>Tools=>Debugconsole=>Console
Then typ : getaccountaddress mn1

This will give you a new Icash address. Copy this address to the .txt file for now. We need this address later on to sent EXACTLY 100000 Icash to it (more or less will not work!) so you are able to be a masternode Wink

Then typ : masternode genkey   
Press enter.

Next you need to encrypt your wallet! Make sure you think of a strong password!

Settings=>encrypt wallet

After doing that your wallet needs to restart.

Alright, It is time to sent those 100000 ICASH to the «address mn1» you copy/pasted in the .txt file. make sure it is EXACTLY 100000!!  Cheesy

If you have coins in your backed up wallet. Close down the Icash QT and just switch your wallet.dat with the back up wallet.dat (the one with your coins in it Wink) make sure you dont remove or lose the other «masternode» one, just put it away somewhere else for a sec.
Restart the Icash QT, Let it load, and you should see you have balance again from your backup wallet.

Send 100000 coins to the Icash address we put in the .txt file earlier. Let it fully confirm in the blockchain.
Close the Icash QT and swap the wallet.dat files again. You will now need the masternode wallet.dat file again.

Next, we need to make a new .conf file


Change username/password
Replace the MasternodeGeneratedKey with the one you copy/pasted in the .txt file
Save as Icash.conf (we all know where to put this right?)


On a remote computer, or server, run icashd, we also correct the conf. file. restart the wallet and add it to autorun.
We start the masternode with the masternode start command
Successfully started masternodes should be returned in response
If not, then check that the ports are open.

If everything is OK, then with the masternode list command we check the presence of our masternode in the list of active masternodes.